Principal Owner J. R. Hildebrand

J. R. Hildebrand is a certified Professional Engineer, a principal owner, and the Executive Vice President of Land Development Services for TEC Civil Engineering Consultants.

J.R. started as a design engineer at TEC in 1997, was promoted to Project Manager and since has become our Vice President of Land Development. J.R. is proficient in all areas of planning, design and project management pertaining to the development of residential and commercial properties. He has experience in most all local community development departments and/or other jurisdictions. Although he still acts as a Project Manager on a few select developments, J.R. primarily oversees the TEC staff members assigned to the project manager roles. J.R.’s experience includes the master planned development of the Riverpark, a 1,000 unit residential development located in Dayton, Nevada.

In addition to the general management for the project, J.R. was instrumental in the design, permitting and construction of the civil infrastructure and related utilities. J.R. also managed residential projects in Carson City, Douglas County, Washoe County, City of Reno and the Town of Truckee. Projects include single family residential projects (both urban and rural lots), duplex and four-plex town home developments and condominium complexes. He also has experience in the planning, design and construction of retail commercial centers in various jurisdictions. In addition to holding a license to practice Professional Engineering, J.R. is also a certified State Water Rights Surveyor and is instrumental in the development of water resources as they relate to land development projects. Some such projects include the drilling and development of municipal wells, transmission pipelines, booster pumping facilities, pressure reduction facilities and water storage tanks.