Principal Owner Jason Gilles

Jason Gilles is a certified Professional Engineer, a principal owner, and the President and CEO of TEC Civil Engineering Consultants.

Jason Gilles oversees TEC’s projects, ensuring that TEC personnel and resources are available to meet all project deadlines, supervising all contractual matters, and having the ultimate responsibility for the timeliness and quality of all project deliverables. Jason is highly experienced in effluent reuse and water and wastewater treatment systems design. Jason has served as Project Manager / Record Engineer on numerous projects for TEC for the past nine years. Jason has 15+ years experience in civil engineering, structural engineering, and surveying in Northern Nevada and California.

Relevant experience and areas of expertise include land planning, design engineering, roadway improvements, stormwater systems, potable water delivery systems, sanitary sewer collection facilities, and oversight of numerous subdivision developments and master planned communities of all sizes within Northern Nevada and Northern California. Additionally, Jason has experience in dam/reservoir remediation, reconstruction and emergency action plans for reservoirs of all sizes and hazard classifications. Jason’s broad experience in the development field makes him uniquely qualified to oversee client projects of all types and coordinate the activities of TEC Civil Engineering Consulting.