Water Rights
An integral part of any development project within the State of Nevada includes the determination of the water resource requirements and the acquisition of the water rights necessary to support the project. Our Water Rights Department provides the necessary services to effectively obtain, develop, and allocate water resources in support of any project. 

Each of our water rights staff has significant expertise in all areas of water resources and water rights. We offer our clients a broad range of experience in developing strategies for maintaining current water needs, as well as meeting future water demands.

We provide the necessary services to obtain, develop and allocate water resources in support of a project

Our team has had extensive experience working with water rights appropriation under Nevada water law. Typical activities involved in the appropriation process include: preparation and filing of water right applications and supporting maps, field investigation, coordination with the Division of Water Resources during the permitting process, and preparation and filing of Proofs of Completion and Beneficial Use.

TEC also has been heavily involved in the research and abstracting of groundwater basins, streams and surface water adjudication, and research and planning for water importation using manmade and natural conveyances for transportation purposes. Another important service provided by our team is professional representation on water matters at State Engineer Administrative Hearings, as well as in both State and Federal Courts.

TEC's administrative services assures that the client and all necessary regulatory agencies are kept informed as to project status. As a service to our clientele, TEC maintains an extensive file system to track all applications and permits through the certification process. Incorporated into our files is a reminder system which enables us to track all of our clients' water rights and determine what applications, if any, need to be filed with the State Engineer.

In addition to water rights work, this department is an interdisciplinary technical research team. The team routinely conducts "chain of title" deed research on land and water rights. TEC has provided the technical expertise to support numerous multi-million dollar land and water transactions throughout the State of Nevada. This technical support includes forecast modeling of population, service area, potential resource needs, financial benefits and/or drawbacks, and the liaison work between clients and governmental agencies. 

Current and
future water needs
• Basin abstracts and summaries

• Research and Water Acquisitions

• Mapping and Filings

• Tracking start to finish 

• Applications to change 

• Points of Diversion 

• Determination of Vested Rights

• Cultural evaluation of water use 

• Historical use

Expert Testimony 
• Administrative Proceedings

• Court Proceedings

• Administrative Filings 

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