Land Development Engineering

From residential tract home development to commercial strip malls, golf courses to wastewater treatment facilities, TEC Civil Engineering has the experience and staff to complete the project. Our staff consists of individuals with various specialties creating a team that can handle nearly any engineering challenge. We turned small rural communities into urban towns including via planning of complete domestic water systems and sanitary sewer facilities necessary to service an entire community. Our team is trained, licensed and kept up to date on the latest design techniques in land developments, by attending regular training sessions and practical experience gathered in the implementation of these practices through the completion of numerous land development projects across a broad spectrum of jurisdictional agencies.

Residential and Commercial Land Development
• Transportation/Roadways
• Earthwork
• Subdivisions
• Golf Course Design
• Underground Utilities

• Financial Planning

• Booster Pump Design

• Water System Master Planning

• Distribution System Analysis and Design

• Irrigation Systems

• Water Treatment Systems 

• Permitting

• Facility Planning

• Effluent Reclamation and Reuse Plans

• Wastewater Collection
and Treatment
• Pump Stations
• Septic System Design
We specialize in waste water treatment planning and design
We specialize in wastewater treatment
planning and design.

• Urban Hydrology

• Pre and Post-Development Run-off Analysis

• River Watershed Analysis

•Underground Storm Drainage Collection and Conveyance Systems

• Infiltration Basins
• Sedimentation Basins

• Detention Ponds

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